Stable release

The latest stable release of Kamailio (OpenSER) is 3.0.0, out on January 11, 2010. Next diagram shows what parts of SIP Router source tree are included in binary packages (source tarball includes everything).

The green line marks the Kamailio distribution.

Kamailio specific attributes

  • main binary is compiled and installed with name ‘kamailio’
  • default config file is ‘kamailio.cfg’ which has #!KAMAILIO compatibility mode set
  • default config implements authentication, nat traversal, presence, a.s.o. with Kamailio specific modules
  • kamctl and kamdbct tools are installed
  • manpages are named ‘kamailio’ and ‘kamailio.cfg’
  • config files are located in /usr/local/etc/kamailio/ (or /etc/kamailio/ if installed from packages)
  • libs and modules are located in /usr/local/lib/kamailio/ (or /usr/lib/kamailio/ if installed from packages)
  • core statistics are enabled
  • shared memory statistics are enabled
  • only modules and modules_k extension folders are compiled and installed by default
  • database structure needed by the packaged module can be created with command: “kamdbctl create”
  • tm module checks if retransmission timers values are too small (miliseconds now, in 1.5.x were seconds), invalidates automatically replies from previous branches of serial forking and takes avp parameters in fromat $avp(name)

How can I set Kamailio specific attributes for master branch (development)?

It is very simple, after you fetch the GIT repository, run:

  make FLAVOUR=kamailio cfg

Then proceed normally with compilation and installation. The above make command does not touch a single line of C code. After installation the binary is named kamailio and the rest is as described in previous section.

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