Kamailio (OpenSER) v3.0.0 is out – major release with astonishing number of new features and improvements …

On January 11, 2010, Kamailio (OpenSER) 3.0.0 has been released – this is a special release, being first based on SIP Router core framework, thus number of improvements and new features are countless.

Along with the thanks deserved by Kamailio development team, this time we have to credit and thank to development team of SIP Express Router (SER) for their contribution to SIP Router project. Because of that, you can run any module and use any core feature of SER with Kamailio 3.0.0. It’s worth mentioning for new users that SIP Router project was planned on November 2008, during Karlsruhe meeting, integration work started after releasing Kamailio 1.5.0 on March 2009. After 10 months, we are able to deliver the stable release, numbered 3.0.0 – it includes new features developed during this period and all the features of SER 2.1.

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