Project developers do the best to provide good and up-to-date documentation. However, as time is an important and limited resource, we welcome all of you to contribute. Anyone has access to wiki portals on both Kamailio and SIP Router sites, feel free to enrich the existing content and add new docs.

Following sections provide an index to projects’ documentation resources.

Kamailio Modules:

Kamailio ┬áDocumentation Factory – Wiki:

Wiki site contains many tutorials, not all of them indexed here, being also the place where external contributions to documentation can be done.

External Tutorials

SIP Router Documentation Factory:

Kamailo Devel Guide: Pages:

TLS Tutorials:

Install Notes:

Database Structure Description:

Kamailio with Radius Backend:

SER Getting Started

If some information in this page is erroneous, please send an email at:

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