Today, June 14, 2006, OpenSER project celebrates one year

One year ago, Daniel-Constantin Mierla, Elena-Ramona Modroiu and Bogdan-Andrei Iancu, (co-founders, core and main developers of SIP Express Router (SER)) started the OpenSER Project.

The project started with release v0.9.4 and since then important milestones and success stories were achieved. Three new stable releases (v0.9.5 – July 01, 2005, v1.0.0 – October 28, 2005, and v1.0.1 – February 27, 2006), including a major one (v1.0.0). Another major release, v1.1.0 is just several days away, development being frozen for three weeks by now, testing and bug fixing being in advanced phase.

Maybe one of the biggest achievements is the OpenSER user community. After first year, over 800 users are subscribed to OpenSER mailing lists. Over 60 were submitting patches and improvements to source code or documentation (see contributions page). User experience exchange seems to be very good, over 8000 messages on the mailing list, the web forum gets better and better shape, the dokuwiki collected good tutorials, documentation repository includes updated module docs and many tutorials.

Several important features brought to OpenSER during this year: TLS support, pseudo-variables, NAPTR query support, serial forking in core, statistics in core, many new modules ( alias_db, dialog, lcr, osp, path, siptrace, speeddial, statistics, tlsops, uac, uac_redirect, unixodbc ), big enhancements to old modules ( acc, avpops, dispatcher, enum, nathelper, registrar, tm, usrloc ) – you can find more reading the news archive from OpenSER site.

The plans for future include: SIP/SIMPLE presence, TLS multidomain, script variables, unified management interface, full dialog support, other database connectors.

Project’s development is managed by OpenSER advisory board. We would like to thank to all developers and community members for their support, testing and contributions. We welcome new ideas and contributions, suggestions and improvements to existing components.

See OpenSER History for more about how the project evolved and its maturity.

If you want to send us a message, please use team (at) openser-project . org or users (at) openser-project . org

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