Kamailio SIP Router presentation at Cluecon was uploaded on the web site, link:

The one and a half day presence in Chicago was surprising good for Kamailio and SER – people started to get the real value of the project and catch up with latest features.

Moreover, the first day had a lot of presentation with Kamailio and SER (see agenda at: http://www.cluecon.com/schedule):

  • Phillip Zimmermann – did his demo with iptel.org sip service
  • Mahesh Paolini-Subramanya – a clould based system for telephony
  • Scott Burkett – back-end platform for web telephony
  • Robin Rodrigues – several nice examples using upcoming 3.1 addition: embedded http server
  • Irv Shapiro – ifbyphone platform – programmable telephony applications
  • I (Daniel-Constantin Mierla) ended the list (the link above), no much left for me to say 🙂 , but I enjoyed chatting before a lot with folks in the breaks

Hopefully these presentations will be soon on event’s site. We will try to publish more about each one, they were interesting use cases.

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