Kamailio v4.0We are getting very close to 4.0.0 release. Yesterday Daniel branched out 4.0.0 into a special GIT branch, opening up the GIT master branch for new code additions. We still encourage users to test 4.0.0 and help us with documentation and code bug reports!

Since we’ve changed the structure of the GIT repository, you need to follow these instructions to check out the 4.0.0 source code:

git clone --depth 1 git://git.sip-router.org/sip-router kamailio.git
cd kamailio.git

git checkout -b 4.0 origin/4.0

To build Kamailio with a default setup of modules you need to run these commands:


make modules

make utils

make install

The README, README-MODULES and INSTALL documentation files are a good guide to how to tailor-made your Kamailio with database-drivers, presence and much more. If you do not agree that these files are helpful, file a bug report!

There’s a new wiki page with more detailed instructions on how to install 4.0.0!

 Have a good test session and let us know what you think!