The folks at Wazo (a project aiming to offer a full open source API programable RTC platform) have recently published a blog article on SIP routing using Kamailio’s rtjson and http_async_client modules – it can be found at:

If you are looking to build (REST) API-driven RTC platforms with Kamailio, this article provides very useful details.

Citing from the blog:

“… Our goal was while supporting high degrees of flexibility and ease to configure, to avoid any compromise regarding performances: we aim to support a high number of concurrent calls, high call rates with predictable and linear degradation of performances in case of overload.

The solution

To provide flexible, API-driven routing features in the Wazo Platform C4 Softswitch we decided to implement it on the foundations of the rtjson module. This module not only allows you to push the routing destination URI and the outbound proxy, but it also supports the normalization of the From and To headers, the insertion of additional headers as well as various settings related to the transaction management and its timers.

Together with the http_async_client Kamailio module, it offers a perfect solution to manage very complex and dynamic routing rules of SIP messages delegating the routing logic to an external, HTTP-based web service. The biggest advantage of http_async_client is that, as the name suggests, it is asynchronous: the HTTP request to the API server doesn’t block the Kamailio worker process which is immediately released, ready to serve subsequent SIP message requests. As soon as the HTTP request completes and the http_async_client worker process managing it collects the response, it resumes the Kamailio transaction and calls the Kamailio route designated to manage the API responses, resuming the processing of the SIP message and its transaction. …”

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