Yuriy Gorlichenko announces some updates about the Lua kemi-test-suite which was presented during Kamailio World 2020 online conference.

The project is available on github at:

There are couple of important updates that should make the life easier when using Lua KEMI:

  • the framework is available via LuaRocks, being easier to install from now on – no more manual source downloads
  • more modules and core functions have been mocked. It is still a lot of work that have to be done but the amount of available mocks has grown consistently
  • added CRASH_PROTECTION functionality – this is a mechanism which is checks if you calling a function with an incorrect amount of params (see the README for more details)
  • extended mocking engine: now it is possible to mock any functions of KSR or third-party modules/libraries, for example: Redis, MySQL, or other connectors calls

The video recordings of the presentations at Kamailio World are available at:


Thanks for flying Kamailio!