Recently, Emmanuel Schmidbauer announced to Kamailio matrix chat channel a tiny REST API server to abstract JSONRPC layer of Kamailio RPC commands. It leverages Kamailio jsonrpcs and xhttp modules, therefore the application can run on local or remote hosts. Other applications can communicate with it instead of communicating directly with Kamailio jsonrpcs module.

Emmanuel’s first use case was for managing uacreg records (uac module), making it easier, avoiding the need to use a database backend, because it can manage all the requests in-memory with this little application.

Here is an example of a CURL command to send a REST query to this application in order to receive all the uacreg records:

curl -X POST http://localhost:8080/v1/uac/list

The application is written in golang, therefore portable to many operating systems. It is available on github at:

Enjoy! Should you develop related applications or helper tools for Kamailio, we would love to hear about them, just contact us and we would gladly publish articles on the website of the project.

Thanks for flying Kamailio!