More than one year ago, Kamailio introduced the secsipid module, a first implementation of STIR/SHAKEN IETF extensions (RFC8224, RFC8588) for asserting caller identity, an updated specification of RFC4474 (implemented also in Kamailio, by auth_identity module since 2007).

A second implementation of STIR/SHAKEN was just contributed by Piotr Gregor from, available in development branch (to become v5.5.x series very soon) in the stirshaken module:

It uses the libstirshaken, a library initially developed for use in the FreeSwitch project:

The secsipid module relies on libsecsipid from secsipidx project available at:

Both modules are maintained, it is your choice to use one or the other to offer STIR/SHAKEN functions via your Kamailio instance.

Enjoy! Thanks for flying Kamailio!