The development for the next major version 5.5.x series is now frozen. The focus will be now on testing the master branch.

That means the master branch will not get commits with new features till the branch 5.5 is created, expected to happen in 2-4 weeks, a matter of how testing goes on. Meanwhile, the commits with new features in the C code can be pushed to personal branches, new pull requests can still be done, but they will be merged after branching 5.5.

Can still be done commits with documentation improvements, enhancements to related tools (e.g., kamctl, kamcmd), merging exiting pull requests at this moment, exporting missing KEMI functions and completing the functionality of the new modules added in 5.5.

Once the branch 5.5 is created, new features can be pushed again to master branch as usual. From that moment, the v5.5.0 should be out very soon, time used for further testing but also preparing the release of

If someone is not sure if a commit brings a new feature, just make a pull request and it can be discussed there on github portal or via sr-dev mailing list.

A summary of what is new in upcoming 5.5 is going to be built at:

Upgrade guidelines will be collected at:

Everyone is more than welcome to contribute to the above wiki pages, especially to the upgrade guidelines, to help everyone else during the migration process from v5.4.x to 5.4.x.

Thanks for flying Kamailio! Stay safe and healthy!