Announcing the release of sipexer v1.0.1 – a CLI SIP tool to facilitate testing and monitoring of SIP signalling servers.

Among changes coming with this version:

  • reuse Via from INVITE request for ACK of failure responses
  • custom print of cli options to group by scope
  • $pid variable to return process id
  • $randhex(min[,max]) variable to return random hexa string
  • $randnum(min[,max]) variable to return random numeric string
  • $randan(min[,max]) variable to return random alpha-numberic string
  • $randstr(min,max) variable to return random string
  • options to provide full To and From URI
  • option to print dns srv records for a target host
  • option to print command examples

The tool is written in Go language for better portability, binaries for Linux, MacOS and Windows are made available for download in the release page:

More details about its features and a screenshot can be found in the announcement of the first release or its readme file:


Thanks for flying Kamailio!