May 17, 2023Kamailio v5.7.0 is out –  a new major release, bringing new features and improvements added during almost twelve months of combined development and testing.

In short, this major release brings 4 new modules and enhancements to more than 60 existing modules, plus components of the core and internal libraries as well as for embedded interpreters (KEMI framework). Detailed release notes are available at:

This is the eighth major release in the series of 5.x.y versions. Besides adding many new features, a lot of development was directed to add support long values instead of int for config variables, preprocessing conditions and values using expressions, IMS/VoLTE tunings, many variables and tls alternative module using wolfssl as well as to make available more functions to KEMI interface, including a new Python3 interpreter.

Enjoy SIP routing in a secure, flexible and easier way with Kamailio v5.7.0!

Note also the dates of the next Kamailio World Conference: June 5-7, 2023 – about two weeks and a half from now – the event returns to Berlin, Germany. The first version of the schedule has been published, check the event website at:

Thank you for flying Kamailio! Stay safe and healthy!