The sipexer v1.1.0 is out – a modern CLI SIP tool to facilitate testing and monitoring of SIP signalling servers, with support for UDP, TCP, TLS and WebSocket.

The tool is written in Go language for better portability, binaries for Linux, MacOS and Windows are made available for download in the release page:

Among the updates part of this release:

  • added Max-Forwards header to the headers template
  • cli option to set int var value
  • added $div(name,val) variable
  • added $mul(name,val) variable
  • added $sub(…) variable
  • added $add(name,val) variable
  • added $dec(name) and $dec(name,val) variables
  • support $inc() with base for increment
  • ignore local address parameter if run count > 1
  • renamed internal cli options field for local address
  • option to run many times in the same instance
  • support for $inc(name) in fields
  • cli option to set sdp late offer mode

More details about its features and a screenshot can be found in the announcement of the first release or its readme file:


Thanks for flying Kamailio!