Kamailio Development NewsAs we are getting closer to release of version 4 we are focusing on documentation, release management and bug fixing. During the weekend there was a few big changes done that may affect your build scripts and your configurations. Here’s an update:

The perl module became app_perl

The perl module was renamed app_perl, which is not in itself a big change. The name follows the names of the other language API’s in Kamailio – app_python, app_mono and app_lua. More important for your applications is that the Perl library used changed name to “Kamailio”. This will affect existing scripts that use the old “OpenSER” prefix. The change was based on patches by Stoyan Mihaylov.

The Perl database driver was renamed to db_perlvdb to follow the naming conventions from other database drivers.

Three became one – only one “modules” directory in Kamailio 4.0.0

After the integration of all “modules_s” modules into the Kamailio core module set, there was no reason to keep the “modules_k” directory used in Kamailio 3.x any more. During the weekend, all modules migrated into the “modules” directory, making it much easier to navigate and understand Kamailio. This will likely not affect any configurations, since they look in all three directories for modules. The merger of module functionality that happened before code freeze will propably be a bigger change that does affect your configurations as well as 3rd party software integrated to Kamailio using the mi or the RPC interfaces.