The infrastructure hosting the main server for Kamailio project will go under scheduled maintenance during June 18, 2019. The work is expected to start around 7:00am UTC and can last for a few hours.

During the maintenance interval, the services related to Kamailio project may become unavailable, among them:

  • the web server (, including the wiki portal (
  • the mailing lists and the email contact addresses
  • the GIT repository mirror

Once the maintenance work is completed, there will be an update on this page to inform about it!

If there are relevant events to be notified, we are going to publish on our twitter stream:

Also, you can join #kamailio channel on in case you want to report some incident related to our infrastructure that you discover while maintenance goes on. For bugs or other issues related to Kamailio code, use the tracker on – that service is not affected being maintained by GitHub corporation.

Thanks for flying Kamailio!