We would like to inform that Fred Posner and Victor Seva have joined the Kamailio Management group, replacing Jesus Rodriguez and Iñaki Baz Castillo.

Jesus and Iñaki changed a while ago their daily activities to roles that do not involve the use of Kamailio. We would like to express our thanks for all their contribution so far to Kamailio project!

Fred and Victor are long time community members, actively involved in promoting the project or development of the Kamailio application. The proposal to have them in the management group was sent a few days ago on the public mailing lists:

The management group of Kamailio has the role of taking decisions related to the project ecosystem, specially decide on special situations that involve the project as an entity. The development and decisions about the evolution of Kamailio as an open source SIP server application are done publicly on sr-users and sr-dev mailing lists.

A warm welcome to Fred and Victor!

Thanks for flying Kamailio!

If you haven’t noticed, the call for presentations at Kamailio World Conference 2020 is open! You are welcome to submit a proposal if you want to share your experience in Realtime Communications with the community!