Fred Posner allocated resources and time to set a Matrix server for Kamailio project, hosted on one of the servers allocated for the project. It is enabling us to create chat rooms as we need for the community of users and developers.

Matrix is an open source alternative for IRC, XMPP or Slack, with client applications for web browser, desktop and mobile platforms. It uses modern technologies to ensure very good encryption and privacy of conversations. It is a federated network, so people having an account on any Matrix server out there can join our chat rooms.

Because Freenode IRC service is requiring now user registration for joining the channels (it is for good reasons, though, to avoid spammers, nothing to blame them here), we were looking at alternatives that can give us more control to allow users connecting from anywhere as well as allow temporarily guest access on various occasions (e.g., during the online development meetings). In this way, our community members do not have to create permanent Matrix accounts if they don’t want, but still be able to participate to our relevant events.

The first room is intended for general discussions about using Kamailio, practically the alternative to the IRC #kamailio channel on The web link of the room is:

The IRC #kamailio channel on remains an official discussions group for the projects and it will be used in the future by the usuals there.

For Matrix, this is the first phase to see if the community likes it for interactions and based on the results, we can decide what to do in the future. There is also the option to bridge the Matrix room with the IRC #kamailio channel, should that be considered useful by the community.

The plan is to use the Matrix chat room for our next online development meeting (scheduled for April 29, 2020, at 14:00 UTC):

Should you want to join the Matrix but encounter issues, write to sr-users [at] mailing list.

Note that the Matrix server on is not allowing public registration of users. You have to create an account on another Matrix server (a public one or self-hosted). If you are a registered developer (have git commit access) and need a Matrix account, inform us via mailing list and we will try to find a solution for you.

Stay safe and healthy!

Thanks for flying Kamailio!