Update Aug 17, 2020: the event website is now available at:

We are considering to organize a small online event to compensate a bit the cancellation of Kamailio World Conference 2020, but mainly to discuss about what is new around Kamailio project and the RTC space.

The event was discussed among a couple developers several weeks ago, when it was clear that the pandemic will last longer, preventing any on-site event, and the intention to do it was also announced during the recording of last ClueCon Weekly about Kamailio project at the beginning of July:

The first commit of Kamailio code was done on the 3rd of September 2001, thus this is like the project’s birthday, so a good opportunity to celebrate that as well.

The event is planned to be two sessions of about 4 hours, one per day, with a few presentations per session, but try focus on open discussions. The goal is to keep it very informal, without any significant burden for organizers, speakers or participants, not to add to the daily stress with work and family in the pandemic time. It should be more like meetup style, with no registration for participants, sessions may not be recorded and can be done without slides. Likely we will use a (self-hosted) video conferencing system (Jitsi) for presentations and the IRC or Matrix channels for chatting.

The time frames we look at are 15:00-19:00 Berlin time zone (13:00-17:00 UTC) on the 2nd and the 3rd of September 2020.

The purpose of this announcement for now is to see the interest of the community for such event, therefore write to sr-users@lists.kamailio.org if you think it is useful to organize it and you plan to participate.

If there is interest, then we will follow up with more details about speakers and the structure of the event.

Thanks for flying Kamailio!