Note: this article was written by Daniel-Constantin Mierla alone, being a personal selection of who or what was considered to have impacted the evolution of Kamailio project to become what it is nowadays.

This is part of a series of articles dedicated to celebrating 20 years of development for Kamailio project. The previous one listed a group of 20 developers with major in the evolution of the project. Next group of 20 people combines developers and persons that had key roles in sustaining or promoting the project.

  • Dorgham Sisalem, Dr. – the chief of MOBIS department at Fraunhofer FOKUS Institute that started (by then named) SIP Express Router (SER) project back in 2001, ensuring the resources needed to develop and promote the project in the early phase
  • Radu Popescu-Zeletin, Prof. Dr.-Ing, Dr. H. C. – the director of Fraunhofer FOKUS Institute back in the days when the project was started, creating the environment to explore and play with was at that moment a new direction in real time communication, SIP and VoIP
  • Thomas Magedanz, Prof. Dr. – the head of NGNI department at FOKUS Institute, pushed the project in the IMS/VoLTE space and supported the Kamailio World Conference
  • Fred Posner – the biggest promotor of Kamailio in North America, presenting at many conferences world wide, also sustaining it with infrastructure servers and touching bits of code and documentation
  • Alex Balashov – very long time community member and active supporter of Kamailio in North America, presenting at events world wide, touching the code here and there
  • Miklos Tirpak – the initial author of permissions module and main developer behind the framework that enabled hot reloading of core and module parameters
  • Emmanuel Schmidbauer – one of the developers with many contributions during the last years, with modules such as pua_json, nsq or nats
  • Julien Chavanton – many contributions to horizontal scalability extensions, such as distributed message queue and load balancer, and even more, with rtp_media_server module, pushed Kamailio behind being signaling-only server, enabling basic audio capabilities
  • Randy Resnick – promoted the project via many online channels, especially via the former weekly VoIP Users Conference, present at all Kamailio World Conferences to coordinate VUC Visions open discussion panels
  • James Body – one of the first adopters of the project in commercial deployments, when the SIP-based VoIP was at its very beginning, now continuing to promote use of Kamailio in 4/5G mobile networks
  • Torrey Searle – with many development contributions, including the sipt module, he also supported several Kamailio/VoIP events in Brussels during FOSDEM conferences
  • Giacomo Vacca – a good friend of Kamailio project, with contributions to code and especially to testing framework and continuous integration
  • Jason Penton – many contributions over several years to the IMS/VoLTE extensions, the developer that initially adapted them from the OpenIMSCore project
  • Vicente Hernando – rather discreet participation in the development, but active for many years now, he added useful extensions, such as kafka connector and xhttp prometeus, as well as had significant contributions to redis connector
  • Luis Azedo – consistent development contributions to presence modules, database text engine and kazoo extension
  • Wolfgang Kampichler – contributions for next generation emergency services, an advocate of Kamailio in many standardization groups
  • Jesus Rodriguez – coordinated one of the very first deployments of the project in production during the early 2000s – Voztelecom Spain, supporting as well the project with infrastructure needs, packing for FreeBSD and contributing bits of code
  • Markus Monka – likely the one that supported the vast majority (if not all)  of Kamailio events: 10 years celebration, Kamailio World and hosting Kamailio Development meetings at Sipgate premises in Dusseldorf
  • Mathias Pasquay – promoting Kamailio and open source VoIP in Germany with their packaged PBX solutions, his team major contribution is the professional live streaming and video recording of Kamailio World sessions, practically building a valuable knowledge base for the project
  • Yufei Tao – she participated to couple of Kamailio events, sharing the experience of using Kamailio along years in different roles, helped as well in development side, touching a couple of modules, contributing KEMI exports

It is not yet finished with the list of persons that influenced Kamailio project evolution so far, many important names are still missing. Stay tuned for new episodes!

Many thanks for those that contributed to make Kamailio better along all these 20 years!

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Thanks for flying Kamailio!