To summarise what happened a few weeks ago at the devel meeting in Dusseldorf and plan the next steps for the project, we are planning an online development meeting on Thu, Dec 8, 2022, 15:00UTC.

As usual, one of the targets is to sketch the roadmap to next major release so the developers and community members can synchronise and plan what should be done till Kamailio v5.7 (or 6.0) will be out as well as discuss about current state of the project, look for new ideas to improve collaboration within the community, a.s.o.

The meeting will be done on a matrix chat room. More details are in the wiki page of the event, available at:

Feel free to add there topics that you want to be discussed – the content of the page can be updated via pull requests on the github kamailio-wiki project.

The proposed date is Thursday, December 08, 2022, at 15:00UTC (15:00 London/Dublin, 16:00 most of West Europe, 10:00 New York), but other dates can be proposed if they suit for more participants. You can write to sr-users mailing list if you want to discuss about this meeting before it happens.

Thanks for flying Kamailio!